May 26 2010

Keyword Research 101

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One of the most important aspects of being a successful internet marketer is understanding the basics behind keyword research.

Before you enter into any niche you must first clearly identify your target market and what it is they are looking for, be it a solution to a problem, specific products or just everyday entertainment.

The following will take you through some of the keyword research steps & tools I use before entering into any niche! Continue Reading »

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Jun 17 2009

Free Web Apps & Web Design Tools

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These days if you are just starting out as an internet marketer or graphic designer you will notice that some of the professional software programs for web/graphic design tend to be a little pricey.  CS4 which includes dreamweaver, photoshop, in-design, and much more cost just over $2000.

Well what if I said you could get products very similar to CS4 for free?  In this blog post I am going to show you free alternative software versions of some of the most expensive design products out there and where you can go about getting them. Continue Reading »

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May 26 2009

How To Install Google Analytics


One of the main keys to a successful website or blog is knowing how much and where your overall traffic is coming from.  Having this information at your fingertips will allow you to experiment with different traffic techniques and see which one works the best and then capitalize on it.  Without knowing your website statistics you will have no idea what traffic techniques are working and which are not, making it harder to improve your campaign!

Google Analytics, a free service offered by Google, keeps track of your website statistics for you, allowing you to keep track of where your visitors are coming from so that you can adjust your traffic techniques and marketing campaign accordingly.

How To Install Google Analytics

Installing Google Analytics is not all that difficult.  It requires the understanding of some web code, but if you follow the steps below you should have no problem getting it installed on your website or blog.
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May 05 2009

Free SEO Software- Traffic Travis

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Is your website getting the traffic it deserves?

You have an amazing product, a excellently designed website and a sales pitch that is right on. You launch your site and await the stampeding crowd…

You wait… and you wait… and you wait… 🙁

Meanwhile your competitor next door has people lined up down the block just waiting to get their product.  What are they doing that you’re not?  What is this big trick that you seem to be missing out on?
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Apr 27 2009

SEO For WordPress – Image ALT Tags

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It is a great idea to add pictures in your blog posts. They not only help attract your readers to read your posts, but can also help you rank higher in the search engines. Pictures are worth a thousand words, so you can see how they help attract readers to actually read your posts, but how can Google and other search engines see pictures as an advantage and rank your site higher up in their search results?

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