May 26 2010

Keyword Research 101

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One of the most important aspects of being a successful internet marketer is understanding the basics behind keyword research.

Before you enter into any niche you must first clearly identify your target market and what it is they are looking for, be it a solution to a problem, specific products or just everyday entertainment.

The following will take you through some of the keyword research steps & tools I use before entering into any niche!

What Are Your Target Market’s Wants and Needs:

-Use Google to research what is currently online about your niche, so if I was in the dog training niche I would type dog training into Google and see what information comes up the most and write it down on a piece of paper.

-Go to forums in your niche:  to do this just type in “your keyword” + forum into Google.  Here you will be able to find out what questions people are looking to get answers for.  Forums are also a great way to get ideas for your website content, where you can reword the questions and responses and put together a blog post or article.

-Google Insights: is a great tool to use if for researching a niche market especially if you are going into a seasonal niche.  Here you will be able to see what some of the top searches are in Google for a givin niche, where most of the searches are coming from and how popular the niche has been over time.

-Google Trends: is also an awesome tool to use to find out the hottest trends in the marketplace.

-Quantcast: This tool helps you with competitive research so you can find out who your target market and competitiors are in your niche.

-Check out what others are bloging about in your niche!  You can find other blogs in your niche at blog catalog, a niche blog directory, here you will be able to see what they are currently writting about in your niche and also see if you can leverage some backlinks from them.

Once you have researched your niche and found some ideas as to what your target market is looking for its time to do the break down of specific keywords you are going to target.

keyword tool micro niche finder*For keyword research I use a tool called Micro Niche Finder, which I highly recommend because it simiplifies the research process onto one screen and with the click of a button, this is by far the best keyword tool I have used, for more information on you can check out my affiliate link for Micro Niche Finder.

However, keyword research can be done without the use of any keyword tools it just takes longer to do so.

Keyword Research Steps For Entering Any Niche:

1.) Launch your keyword research tool, if you do not have one a great place to start would be the Free Google Keyword Tool. This will give you the basic information you will need to start your research.

2.) Type in your main keyword phrase into the search box, enter the capcha and press get keywords.

3.) From here you want to look at the results and eleminate words with to much competition and to little search volume, this is where Micro Niche Finder Makes it really simple!

– I typically look for keywords that are at least 3 words, if the competition is low and search volume high I might go after a 2 word phrase.   Also if the search volume is high I sometimes go for 4 word keywords but 5 is getting to be to much.

– For search volume I look at the exact match, if you are using Micro niche finder it is automatically set to exact, if you are using Google keyword tool you want to switch the match type in the upper right corner dropdown box to exact. I go for keywords that have at least 1,000 searches per month.

– For competition I look for keywords that have under 50,000 competing pages in Google, however I will go for 100,000 if the search volume is big enough and I think it is worth while.  To find the competing pages in Micro Niche Finder you just click on the button next to the keyword called get exact phrase count.

If you are using google you want to copy the key phrase and paste it in quotes into the normal Google search for example “your keyword” and click search then in the upper right corner you will see how many search results there are for that keyword.

– I also like to see a estimated cost per click (adsense) of at least $1.00, this is mainly for people who are looking at adsense sites, to find this in Micro Niche Finder it is right next to the key phrase, in Google keyword tool you want to locate the dropdown that says choose columns to display and click on estimated avg cpc, this will pull up the average cost per click.

4.) Once I pick out a couple keywords that fit the decription above I will then research them further to see if they truely are phrases worth targeting

– Check to see if there are currently advertisers in the niche on that specific keyword phrase and how many there are, this tells me if it is profitable, If people are paying for advertising that means its a profitable keyword.  I like to see at least 2 advertisers on the pay per click side in order to go after that phrase.

– Type the phrase into Google itself and see what the top 10 pages on Google currently are and check to see how many backlinks they have coming to them and their pagerank, an easy way to do this if you have firefox is by downloading a free addon called Seo Quake.

I like to see if there are any pages in the top 10 that I know I could out rank, these include web 2.0 sites (squidoo, hubpages,wetpaint, ect), bookmarking sites (digg, stumbleupon, ect), youtube videos, press release sites, ect…

The rule of thumb is that if you notice a keyword where all of the top sites in Google have a high page rank, lots of backlinks and have been online for years (sites like wikipedia, cnn and other big name authority sites) then the chances of you ranking in the top 10 are slim to none, and it’s time to look at another keyword phrase.

A neat little feature that Micro Niche Finder has is there SOC (strength of competition) tool where you click a button next to each keyword it will search Google’s top 10 for you and come back with a number and color telling you if its too competetive or not.

Keyword reseach is the most important factor when it comes to ranking for keywords in your niche.  If you put the time into it and do it right it will start to pay off in the end.  If you do want to save some time be sure to check out Micro Niche Finder, it’s one of the best tools I own.

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    In-case if you missed, some good tools you can mention are (1) SpyFu and (2) KeywordSpy. Both of them are working great for me. You can watch organic and paid results for them with ads copies, ads history and so on.

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